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Maxim HIV-1 Limiting Antigen Avidity (LAg-Avidity) DBS EIA Kit, 192 Tests

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The Maxim HIV-1 Limiting Antigen-Avidity Dried Blood Spot (DBS) EIA is an in-vitro quantitative limiting antigen (LAg) avidity enzyme immunoassay for distinguishing recent HIV-1 infections from those which are long-term. Persons with recently acquired HIV-1 infections typically exhibit HIV-1 specific IgG populations with higher proportions of lower avidity IgG than those with long-term infections which typically exhibit higher proportions of higher avidity IgG. The Maxim HIV-1 LAg-Avidity DBS EIA uses US CDC developed technology and is designed for surveillance purposes such as estimating HIV-1 incidence in a population, monitoring and evaluating HIV intervention programs, and recognizing those high-incidence populations so that prevention research, vaccine trials, and resources are most appropriately utilized. This product is for research use only and is not intended for use in diagnostic procedures.

What's Included

  • Recominant gp41 HIV-1 Antigen Coated Microwell Plate

  • Sample Diluent

  • Dissociation Buffer

  • Conjugate Diluent

  • 10X Wash Solution

  • TMB Substrate

  • Stop Solution

  • Plate Sealers

  • Negative Control

  • Calibrator

  • Low Positive Control

  • High Positive Control

  • 200X Conjugate Concentrate

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